Bedtime ritual herbal latte

Bedtime ritual herbal latte

Rituals are such an important part of our everyday life and seasonaly - these simple moments of ritual help anchor us in- create presence, meaning & helps soothe our souls.

This drink has become part of our nightly bedtime ritual in our home!  This drink is soothing to the nervous system and full of nourishment for both children and adults. 

My three year old asks for our special night night drink every night - which is so beautiful as I know she is associating it with bedtime and also with a time of slowing down, presence & connection. Something she can rely on - which helps our children relax and feel free within these rhythms and rituals created in our homes.

This drink is wonderful for the whole family

To create this beautiful & comforting drink first boil some water.

Add your lavender, chamomile, rose, oatstraw & skullcap into a teapot or mason jar.  

Once your water boils - allow it to sit a few minutes before pouring over the herbs.

Allow herbs to steep for 15 minutes 

Mix half frothed milk of choice & half strained herbal tea - add raw honey to taste - sprinkle with cinnamon for added warmth especially in the colder months !

Enjoy !

For your left over tea you can leave you herbs to infuse overnight and drink the next day or use the following evening- just make sure to place in fridge the next morning!


 * As always this is not medical advice, please consult your health care practicioner before using herbal medicine and listen to your intuition 🤍

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