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Advent Calendar - A season of magic

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A beautiful, whimsical and wholesome Advent ritual booklet to hold you and your families in this sacred season of magic. 

Imagine spending the coming holidays creating special moments each day, that deeply soothe our soul and invite us into deep magic.

We are two mothers devoted to reclaiming seasonal earth based rituals that bring our families deeper into presence leaving everlasting memories.

Which is why we created a very special Advent Calendar based in Waldorf principles and earth based teachings. 

Enjoy this season of magic with 40+ pages of rituals, instructions, recipes, and teachings to anchor your family this holiday season. 





We are all craving the simple rituals that hold us deep into the presence.

We are all seeking another way to anchor in the holidays and create the magic.

Many of us are stepping away from consumerism and outward energy and shifting towards the wholesome memory making experiences.

Come be guided into the season of magic with daily rituals with our handcrafted advent calendar.


What's included:


• Salt dough spiral 

• Preparing our home 

• Four weeks of advent rituals & verse 

• Mineral bone soup 

• Candle making 

• Waldorf window star 

• Day of service 

• Cinnamon play dough recipe 

• Homemade Tree ornaments 

• Oven baked orange Garland 

•Handcrafted Evergeen herbal body/hair oil

• Winter Elixir 

• Winter spiced marshmallows 

• Nourishing egg-nog

• Outdoor fire ritual 

• Handmade gnomes 

• Winter Simmer pot 

• Protection prayer 

• Eco- friendly gift wrapping 

• Solstice sun bread recipe 

• Holiday cookie recipe 

• Whimsical seasonal children's book list 

• Additional resources & shops 

PDF printable 



With love from our homes to yours,


Christine & Janet 



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Stephanie S.
Meaningful memories

This was a wonderful purchase, such intention and thoughtfulness went into making it. Now my family gets to enjoy the meaningful rituals every year to come. 10/10 recommend

Hilary Delabruere

Absolutely loved this advent calendar with daily activities! It was creative & fun. A wonderful way for my daughter & I to connect around this season. Our last Holy season as a family of 3! It was very inspiring and brought us closer. We put our own twist on things as well & made it our own. We’re on a low income budget this year so couldn’t access every activity but made it work for us. My daughter loved the lighting of candles and reflecting on what she’s grateful for each day. It was magic. Thank you!