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Baby & Children Bedtime Ritual herbal bath & body oil 4oz

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This blend was created to relax little ones and their tender little nervous systems, it can be supportive for belly pains, teething and as support when littles aren't feeling well. Also created for energetic protection for sensitive little ones 🤍

This creation is very dear to my heart. Ever since our babe was little we would have nightly herbal tea baths- which was such a beautiful ritual. So it was created into a beautiful herbal oil blend for you and your little ones 🤍

Ingredients: Catnip, Rose, Fennel, Calendula, Chamomile, Lavender & Yarrow infused in Jojoba, trace amounts of grape alcohol for potency.

* All ingredients are organic or mindfully & responsibly wildcrafted


* This product and information is not designed to treat or diagnose.